Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching is an opportunity for companies to invest in their workforce. Workplace Wellbeing Coaching enables you to create healthier, happier and more balanced working life for your employees and an emotional, financial and competitive advantage for your organisation.

Coaching brings results:

    • Healthier and happy staff means reduced absenteeism and conflict
    • Increased motivation means increased productivity
    • Higher staff retention means lower recruitment and training costs
    •  A reputation as a caring employer means attracting better talent.

Personalised Coaching packages include one to one and group training and mindset work around:

    • Resilience
    • Communication Skills
    • Conflict resolution
    • Leaders of change
    • Anxiety at work
    • Stress and Burnout
    • Physical Well-being
    • Well-being at work
    • Career support and planning

All packages are a combination of interactive education, coaching and holistic skills personalised to your company requirements.

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