Why use a Life Coach?

If we keep doing the same thing we continue to reap the same result… if we want our life to change we need to do something different!

Coaching is a talking therapy similar to counselling.  Its focus is your future and what you can do today to achieve a life you are happy and fulfilled in.

Kelly encourages you look at different areas of your life you feel stuck, identify your limiting beliefs and habitual behaviours holding you back and she helps  you get unstuck.

While we may have people in our lives that we talk to it is often easier to talk to someone neutral who can offer a fresh perspective.  As a trained Life Coach Kelly will ask questions that force you to think differently and to help you come up with ideas you hadn’t explored previously.  

Together you both explore your life, looking at repeating issues and patterns and with find your own solution.  With her help create goals that you know will work for you.  These goals will allow you to create momentum and change in your life .  Kelly will work with you over several months or longer to help ensure you follow through on your commitments and hold you accountable for results you are enjoying.

Life coaching helps you create the life you desire, see actual results and develop greater appreciation for those around you. 

Reasons to hire a coach

  • You feel lost.  A life coach can help you find who you are and what you want in life.  They help identify your values and what you really want to achieve to be fulfilled.
  • You doubt yourself.  Working with a coach can help you find clarity.  Often in life we are distraction by what we should be doing not what we really want. Coaching can help you define and achieve your dreams
  • You have a vision but no clear plan.  A coach can help you design a plan of action and get you where you want to go.
  • You need to improve your health- Mental, emotional and physical health  can be addressed in a MIND BODY SPIRIT holistic approach.  This includes diet, weight, exercise, anxiety, stress management, self care and self love, spirituality…
  • You tend to forget things–  Coaching will keep you on track with your goals and plans.
  • You don’t follow through. A coach will hold you accountable and help make sure you finish what you start
  • You’re a procrastinator– reaching goals takes discipline and action and means getting things done on time and keeping a schedule. Coaching  helps you continue to move forward.
  • You don’t have time to waste.  Life is hectic…a life coach will help find solutions more quickly and realise goals faster.
  • You want to increase your income.  It can help you make goals and utilise ways to help you maximise your finances
  • You’re susceptible to stress.  If you become stressed and frustrated doing things alone a coach may be able to help you manage this and offer support to help you compete tasks more efficiently.
  • Your self confidence needs to be boosted… Coaches show you that you are just as worthy and capable as anyone else and work with you as you gather the experience to become more confident in yourself
  • Your patterns are not supporting your goals. Often its hard to see the patterns that are holding you back but a good coach will offer you a broader perspective and help you let go of what is no longer serving you.
  • You’re in a huge transition.  Any major life change is a great time to explore new possibilities and reassess priorities within your life.  It also offers opportunity to get positive support while undergoing change.
  • You’re craving more purpose from your life– come explore your gifts and find what will give you the satisfaction you desire!

Life is precious, we deserve to live it fully! Coaching can support you in creating a life you love to live.