Holistic Well-being

What is holistic well-being and why does it matter in my life?

I often find within my practice clients come wanting to discuss an issue and further exploration reveals the root of the problem is actually something completely different.  This is because our lives and our bodies are connected and need to be view ‘holistically’ or wholly.  Just as we cannot have a sore back  without it affecting our entire health- our posture, our legs, our neck, our breathing we also cannot have an issue in one area of our lives without it seeping into other areas eg disliking our job can affect our mental and emotional health, or having a relationship issue may affect our career. 

In my coaching practice I help a person  stand back and take a broad look at what is going on in their lives. They start to notice patterns and themes and discover the underlying beliefs and perceived societal expectations that are negatively influencing the way they live.  Its only by getting to the very bottom of all that holds us back can we begin to talk about lasting change and setting realistic goals in creating a life that is deliberate and authentic.

Taking this gentle and holistic approach means that change comes from a different aspect within us.  It is no longer about ‘shoulds’ or coming from a place of lack and frustration, rather it is the beginning of a journey into ourselves and living in a way that honours all parts of who we are- our mind, body and spirit- our mental and emotional well-being, our physical health and our spirit or creative component.  Creating our lives in this way is what allows the change to be joyful, effective and long lasting.